Let’s Assist This Disabled Mother of 2 Who Suffered an Aneurysm

Eureka, CA

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Anonymous06/06/2011$50.00From my heart to your heart!!!!
Anne L.06/09/2011$30.00May peace be with you
Betty Y.06/09/2011$20.00We are praying for you
Anonymous06/23/2011$50.00God Bless.
Anonymous06/26/2011$18.00God bless your family
Anonymous06/28/2011$110.00Hope this amount helps you
Dannis H.07/14/2011$100.00You deserve peace and comfort
amrita rastogi09/13/2011$25.00Never give up!
Bob Scardina09/13/2011$100.00May my strenght help you, my wife had an aneurysm in 1978, my two girls & I made. So will you.
Anonymous10/15/2011$50.00Blessings to you.
Paul Hastings Cares Foundation12/19/2011$1,000.00God Bless This Family
BONNER MCCLELLAN12/28/2011$5.00God Bless!
Anita Fortman02/05/2012$50.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous02/05/2012$30.00Wishing you the best
Lakeisha Rodman02/09/2012$10.00Wishing you the best
Coffee shop staff02/15/2012$100.00God bless you.
Coffee shop staff05/16/2012$60.00God bless you
Anonymous09/21/2012$100.00May this be of help
Coffee shop staff01/18/2013$80.00Hope this amount helps
bernard Bourke04/29/2013$300.00God Bless!
Juniper Networks - Security team12/22/2013$100.00Stay strong & never give up
MYRON JACKSON09/04/2014$5.00May Abundance pour into your lives!!
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GOAL: $3,500

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Sherry E. is single, disabled mother of two kids (Everett, 17 and Lee Ann, 19). She attended college when the kids were young and graduated while working part time. She ended up getting a job at a local family practice doctor’s office. She loved her job. Almost 4 years ago, she suffered a major bleeding frontal lobe brain aneurysm. She was in such bad shape that she had to be Life-flown from Eureka to Stanford University where she underwent surgery to repair the rupture. After the surgery she ended up in a coma for a few weeks; then it turned into what was called a profound sleep for a little over 1 month. She returned to Eureka for rehab. She then contracted Hydrocephalus from the aneurysm and had to have a shunt put in. Since this tragedy she has been unable to return to work. “Some months just making sure that I have enough food has been a chore. We all keep plugging away doing the best that we can. So if after all of this, if that is something that I have taught my kids, I will be one proud mother!”

They need: $1500 rent assistance; $1000 for necessities; $1000 bills

Amount Details
257.00GL Check to Dodd & Winters Optical center Eureka,for Recipient's eyeglasses
100.00WalMart Gift Card
55.00Gas Card for Daily Transportation.
41.00Gas Card For Daily Transportation.
552.00GL Check to Eureka Housing Authority for Rent Assistance
95.00GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance.
158.00GL Check to Suddenlink for Telephone Bill Assistance.
175.36GL Check to Suddenlink for Telephone Bill Assistance.
50.00Target Gift Card for Basic Needs
325.44GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee