GL Nation – Let’s Help This MA Single Mother of 2 Keep From Becoming Homeless

Worcester, MA

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Coffee Shop Employees04/29/2011$100.00God Bless this Family
Coffee Shop Staff04/30/2011$50.00Hopefully This Amount Helps your Girls
Anonymous12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Gary Gildemeister12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/24/2011$50.00Wishing you the best
Kathryn & Katrina Kreimer12/24/2011$100.00We hope this helps. Merry Christmas!
Jayne Prats12/28/2011$50.00May this be of help
judith murphy12/29/2011$20.00keep the faith!
Follett Family of Rhode Island12/30/2011$100.00Hope this helps :)
Anonymous12/31/2011$500.00I admire your dedication to your children
Anonymous12/29/2012$50.00I hope this small amount will help - I am trying to assist as many as I can!
GIVES SO FAR: $1,220.00 Charms: 2,140
GOAL: $3,500

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Jaime is a single mother of Ariel (12) and Alyssa (6). Alyssa has autism along with mood disorder and other mental disabilities. She just returned from a 20 day stay at the hospital. Jaime cannot work because she is Alyssa’s 24 hour caregiver, and is in the process of being evicted from her apartment. Jaime receives $491 a month and lacks the funds to move. She has applied for Section 8 housing but has not had luck. “I do not have much longer and I will be homeless with my 2 girls. I am a victim of domestic violence and want just want the best for my children. Thank you to GiveLocally. You don’t know how much it means that you cared enough to call me and try to help." Update: Jaime had a job for a few months but could not hold to it due to her responsibilities with her daughter Alyssa. She is still in a dire need of help

They need: $1500 for security deposit and rent; $1000 basic needs; $1000 medical assistance

Amount Details
75.00Gas Card To Take Her Daughter to Therapy
48.00Gas Card to take Daughter to therapy
50.00Walmart Card From GL Fund for Kids School Supplies
40.00Walmart card from GL for FB Give-away
175.00GL Check to Charter Communications for phone bill assistance
103.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs.
258.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
250.00GL Check to Charter Communications for Phone Bill Assistance
210.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee