Let’s Help Provide Tuition Assistance for This Gifted Child

Lithia Springs, GA

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Anonymous04/17/2011$100.00Hope this helps! Let us know how Aaron is doing!
Joni Donohue12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Chip Lynch12/23/2011$100.00Never give up!
William12/24/2011$50.00God Bless!
Carrie Crudup12/24/2011$50.00Never give up!
Josh Shelton12/24/2011$50.00Good luck in school, it's extremely apparent that you are filled to the brim with potential.
ginnae 12/26/2011$50.00Aaron, keep up the great work and always study hard.
Kate Brannum12/28/2011$25.00God Bless!
Anonymous12/31/2011$250.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous12/31/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous01/15/2012$150.00Wishing you the best
Kate Brannum02/02/2012$25.00Wishing you the best
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GOAL: $4,500

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Kiesa F.’s 5 year old son, Aaron, was recently accepted into a local Atlanta private school after the teacher at the school he attends stated that Aaron needs more challenge than the school can provide him at this time. He is top of his current class in reading and math. However, Kiesa lost her job last year and just recently found part-time work. Her husband is employed full-time, but he earns barely enough to cover monthly expenses. “We applied for financial aid through the school but were heartbroken to learn that due to budget concerns they are unable to grant our request for aid. Aaron is our only child as we are unable to have more children due to a medical condition. This is such an amazing opportunity for Aaron and we want to make sure that he has the opportunity to continue to grow. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!”

They need: $4500 in tuition assistance

Amount Details
82.00Walmart card
164.00Walmart gift card for basic supplies.
595.00Walmart Gift Card to Purchase Groceries and Basic Needs
20.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
189.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee