Let's Help This Courageous Family Whose Daughter Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor

Indianapolis, IN

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GiveLocally02/03/2011$200.00GiveLocally distribution from GL funds for hospital meal assistance
Anonymous11/08/2011$25.00God Bless!
Debra Binder12/23/2011$200.00May this be of help
Robert Cappel12/23/2011$100.00Our prayers are with you
Andrew Pike12/24/2011$25.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous08/26/2013$50.00May God be with your family during this difficult time.
GIVES SO FAR: $600.00 Charms: 1,000
GOAL: $3,000

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Code: GL-233
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Rebecca Crouch and her husband have 3 children. Sarah is the youngest. In October, 2010 Rebecca took Sarah to the hospital for Migraines and after testing learned she had a Tumor in the Cerebellum of her brain and would need emergency surgery. Sarah has to have follow up MRI's every three months for at least 2 years.Her first MRI was on January 4, 2011. The Tumor grew, NS she now needs more surgery. Her husband scraps metal to raise money for their family and Rebecca lost her unemployment so they are in a lot of trouble. They most want to be able to stay with Sarah during her upcoming operation. They anticipate a 5 day stay in the ICU if all goes as planned. "I really appreciate any help that we could get and really have no one to turn to. My sister has sent GiveLocally information and I appreciate that so much." Note: Through the GL Fund, on February 1, 2011, within a day of receiving and verifying the Crouch's story, GiveLocally purchased a $200/5 day meal plan from Methodist Hospital to cover the cost of the Crouch's meals during their stay with Sarah for her most recent surgery. We will closely monitor the Crouch's progress and update you all regularly.

They need: $1000 rent assistance; $1000 grocery assistance; $1000 bill assistance

Amount Details
303.00GL Check to Indianapolis Power & Light Company for Electric Bill Assistance
148.00GL Check to Citizens Gas Company for Gas Bill Assistance
99.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee