Let's Help This Hardworking Family Get Back On Their Feet

Hampton, IA

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God bless this family.05/24/2012$50.00Coffee shop staff
Coffee shop employees06/04/2012$75.00Hope this helps
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GOAL: $2,000

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Alicia and her husband, Steven, are raising five children: Nick (16), Ryan (14), Abigail (11), Maddie (9) and Ella (3). Alicia attends Wartburg College full-time studying for a Social Work degree and has been named a Carver Scholar. She would not be able to attend but for her scholarships. Their goal is to keep Alicia in school. Steven was laid off from his job two years ago and since then, he, too, has attended college while seeking employment. He has secured full-time work but they cannot afford gas for him to travel and other necessities. “We are hard working individuals truly trying to make our way out of the downturn. We simply need help in getting to that finish line. I hate to see us lose the opportunities in front of us because our funds ran out before the end.” Update: Steven has suffered a heartattack and has gone through 2 surgeries, Alicia's mother who they take care of has been diagnosed with stage 3 canccer and need the necessary supplies that her insurance does not cover.

They need: $1000 education assistance; $1000 Basic needs

Amount Details
106.60GL Check to City of Hampton for Water Bill
186.00GL Check to Mid American Energy Company for Electric Bill
60.00GL Check to City of Hampton, IA for Water Bill
20.00Gift Card for Grocery Assistance
82.00Walmart gift card to purchase basic needs
103.00GL Check to City of Hampton for Water Bill Assistance
122.40GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee