Let’s Help This Struggling Mom of Two

Rocky Point, NY

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Jacqueline Fletcher12/01/2010$15.00With blessings
Jacqueline Fletcher12/01/2010$15.00With blessings
Anonymous12/15/2010$50.00Wishing you the best
maricela Costoso02/16/2011$5.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous04/19/2011$100.00God Bless!
Anonymous11/07/2011$50.00May this be of help
Mark Sutcliffe12/22/2011$50.00May this be of help
Peggy and Mark 12/23/2011$25.00Merry Christmas! God is with you. Don't lose faith.
Robert Hunt12/23/2011$50.00God Bless!
Joseph Rodriguez12/23/2011$100.00Happy Holidays!
Anonymous12/23/2011$300.00God Bless!
Anonymous12/23/2011$100.00Remember there is always a sunrise even after the darkest night!!
Scott Saperstein12/23/2011$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/28/2011$25.00God Bless!
Anonymous12/29/2011$25.00Been there, survived, you will, too.
IRENA LUM12/29/2011$100.00Our prayers are with you
DAVID J PEEBLER01/03/2012$100.00I wish you the best and hope that my gesture helps. God bless!
Jim McErlean02/09/2012$25.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous03/14/2012$25.00Wishing you the best
Bernadette McNamara05/06/2012$25.00May this be of help
Anonymous04/08/2014$100.00Never give up!
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Rachelle is the mother of two children, Christian 13 and Arianna, 6. She recently separated from her husband and is currently unemployed. She has no car and is having a hard time finding a job due to lack of transportation. She last worked at Kohl's when she had a car. She has also has some serious health problems, and is awaiting tests to determine whether she has MS. Rachelle’s rent is overdue and she is behind on her bills. She needs transportation to take her kids to doctors appointments, stores and to help get a job. She is very worried for her family and has run out of options. Her two children are her sole focus but she is in serious need of assistance. “Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!!”

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance;$1500 used car; $1000 grocery and necessity assistance

Amount Details
65.60Walmart Gift Card
14.40GiveLocally 'Keep The Lights On Fee'
86.00Walmart Card for School Supplies
400.00GL check to GMAC insurance for car insurance assistance
461.00GL check to Landlord for rent assistance
61.60Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
221.40GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee