Help this PA Family and Their Kids In Their Time of Need

Scranton, PA

GiveLocally Recipient
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GiveLocally12/21/2010$200.00GL Fund Distribution: Holiday Assistance
Anonymous11/07/2011$25.00May this be of help
Amy Martin11/08/2011$25.00One day at a time......
Anonymous12/22/2011$50.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous12/23/2011$64.25May this be of help
Peggy and Bill Congdon12/23/2011$50.00May this be of help
Daniel Waters12/23/2011$100.00I will pray for you and your family. God Bless you on this Christmas day!!!
Mike Tagtow12/23/2011$25.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/25/2011$2,000.00May God be with you on this Christmas day
GIVES SO FAR: $2,539.25 Charms: 4,679
GOAL: $4,000

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Code: GL-206
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In an attempt to find government and rent assistance, Erin discovered She tried everything else and got nowhere. Erin and her six children (5 girls and a boy) “so desperately need help with basic human needs.” Erin’s fiancé recently graduated from ITT Technical Institute and has been applying everywhere with no luck. He is now taking classes for a drug and alcohol case management certification in the hope he will have more luck in that field, but he is having a hard time coping with the fact that he cannot provide for his family. Even though Erin is currently on SSI, she just applied for the Pell grant and is trying to enroll in an online college so she can be with her babies and work toward a future career. Right now, they have reached "rock bottom" and are in serious need of help. The situation has become "overwhelming" for them. Their children are suffering. As Erin says: "GiveLocally is a wonderful idea and God bless the people who created this website." Update: Erin is now raising all of her children by herself. She is still unemployed and needs to provide for her 6 children.

They need: $1500 Grocery assistance; $1500 rent assistance; $1000 Utility assistance

Amount Details
164.00Walmart Gift Card
41.00Walmart Gift Card for Grocery Assistance
365.00GL Check to Comcast for Phone Bill and Internet Bill Assistance
1350.00GL Check to Landlord for 2 Month Rent for Rent Assistance
160.00GL Check to No Fault Insurance for Car Insurance Bill Assistance
457.06GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee