Help a Single Dad and His Daughter

Union City, CA

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Anonymous12/23/2011$25.00Never give up!
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Anonymous09/22/2014$25.00I'm sorry to hear about your current situation, I hope this helps
Jessica 06/10/2015$50.00I wish you the best and hope all your daughter's dreams come true!
Kobad Bugwadia07/28/2017$100.00Wishing you the best
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Eduardo is a single father of sixteen year old Grecia. For years, he has worked in a supermarket. His hours were cut to 24 a week which were not enough to support his daughter and pay his rent of $1200 per month. Grecia, now in high school, was diagnosed with kidney disease and needs special food and medical assistance that Eduardo can barely provide. Grecia is graduating from school this year and wants to attend college. His immediate concern is affording the right food every day that Grecia's kidneys can tolerate. Eduardo is sharing his story in the hope that he can find a friendly heart through who can help him with the struggles he and his daughter are going through." Update: Eduardo and his daughter got evicted and had to move in with a friend. He has now to commute a very long distance so he doesn't lose his job

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance, $1500 Grocery Assistance

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61.50Target Gift Card
13.50GiveLocally 'Keep The Lights On Fee'
41.00Walmart Gift Card
82.00Safeway Gift Card For Groceries
41.00Safeway Gift Card for Groceries
69.70Gift card for grocery assistance
215.00Safeway Gift Card for Grocery Assistance
82.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic needs
103.16Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
139.14GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
325.54GL Check For Storage Bill
71.40GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee