Help Nadene and Her Husband Keep Their Home

San Jose, CA

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Anonymous10/23/2010$150.00For once, I can see and learn about the people that I\'m helping. Good Luck!
Brenda Duval04/11/2012$100.00May this be of help
Coffee shop employees08/29/2012$135.00God bless you
ECH company team04/18/2013$100.00God bless you
one giant fan08/21/2013$50.00God bless
Atchinson Family01/10/2014$180.00Glad we can help
Coffee Shop Staff07/21/2014$225.00Keep it up
Coffee shop employees10/02/2014$125.00Keep it up
Rachel V.06/17/2015$80.00
Coffee shop staff06/11/2016$110.00Hang in there
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GOAL: $2,000

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Imagine that after years spent pursing a career, you could no longer earn a living. What if your spouse lost his job as well? For years Nadene worked as a life and health insurance agent. Due to the hard economic times, she was forced to take a job with a private company that paid her a very low wage. Her husband, who worked in the automobile business, is also unemployed. While they own a house, they are at risk of losing it. Any money raised would go directly to the lender.

They need: $2000 for Mortgage Assistance

Amount Details
125.00Per Nadene, Electric Bill Assistance
60.00GiveLocally ' Keep The Lights On' Fee
82.00Gas Card for Daily Transportation
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
110.70Walmart gift card for basic needs
24.30GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
350.00GL Check for Internet and Phone Assistance
424.00GL Check for Water bill assistance